Thursday, October 28, 2004

Tommy, Tommy. Tommy !!!

A word from General Franks

Rincon graduate epitome of courage

Exhilarating story here about by Greg Hansen about Cory Crowell - Greg Hansen: Rincon graduate epitome of courage | The Arizona Daily Star �. We grew up in the same neighborhood, learned the game at Randolph park, and although we were not very close friends he's one of those guys I seem to cross paths with every so often. Last time I saw him was at a Best-Ball tourney I played with Jeff and Chris A. at El Rio. What an inspiration to us all.

Friday, October 22, 2004


Nice column here about Coach and his handling of our football players. Athletes have to be more accountable than the rest of us because they are athletes, and have to walk the line of right and wrong just like the rest of us. Problem is, they end up in the newspaper for every little thing they do.

Hey! I'd trade for that and a hard body!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

UA to start QB Kovalcheck

I really wasn't surprised to read UA to start QB Kovalcheck - we haven't really been lighting it up, have we? I think the fact that Heavner turned the red zone into the dead zone had lots to do with it; the Cats just couldn't put it in the end zone. And what do we have to lose? We're only playing Cal, right?

Friday, October 15, 2004


SportsBlog, for the sports-fan who has everything.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

In NBA news - 3-pt shot being re-examined

League looking at plan to limit three-point shot

Wire Reports

The NBA is considering a plan to abolish the three-point shot until the end of games to increase shooting percentages and make the sport more aesthetically pleasing.

Steve Kerr, who made a record 45 percent of the three-pointers he attempted in his career, supports the elimination of the long-range shot.

"I kind of liked the three-pointer before every player on every team was a three-point shooter," Kerr, who won five NBA championships, said in a telephone interview. "It's being shot way too often these days, and it's hurting the game. I wouldn't mind seeing an experiment that gets rid of it."

The NBA might do just that. The league is considering banning three-pointers until there are five minutes left in the game in its development league, National Basketball Development League, this season. The NBDL season begins Nov. 19.

"We've talked about it," Stu Jackson, NBA senior vice president of basketball operations, said in a telephone interview. "We're wrestling with the idea."

Banning the three-point shot until late in the game might lead to a more up-tempo style and higher shooting percentages because players would be encouraged to take shots closer to the basket. It also would stop players on fast breaks from pulling up for a shot from the three-point line instead of going for layups.

NFL Office Pool Quick Picks

I've been using this site for my weekly NFL Office Pool Quick Picks, and although I haven't won yet, I've been in the running til the end.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Jake the Snake and his tribute

Every once in awhile one of those Scum Devils surprises me, but what Jake did to honor Pat Tillman goes above and beyond. Kudos to him for blowing off the NFL and their edicts and for wearing his heart on his helmet. Teammates are forever...

Update - 10/14 - Jake to remove the decal, will not be fined. Word is they'll be planning a new tribute.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Sammy - Say it ain't so!

Guess the corked **pop** bat should have tipped me off, or the irritating two-step as he eyes the ball leaving the field, but I always thought Sammy was one of the good guys of the game, a team player. That's a short-enough list (Jeter and Schilling come to mind) as it is without losing one more.

The list just got shorter.

Last game of the year, no play-offs again, and Sosa takes himself out of the starting lineup, doesn't even dress out, and leaves early. Sounds like he didn't play to me!

I heard Sammy's original story was that he stayed until about 30 min. left in the game, but the security cameras caught his much-earlier exit.

Then again, it is the Cubs.

Read it here

And he's fighting the fine, too - just another OPUP athletes (Over Payed, Under Played)

My Way - Sports News

Point Guard U

Sorry, Devil fans - here's yet another one that got away. What? You weren't even on his list??

UA gets Memphis basketball star

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Williams wants to rejoin Dolphins, agent says

In other news, agent stands to lose $9M if Ricky Williams doesn't re-sign with the Dolphins.

Wonder what these two have been smoking?

Williams wants to rejoin Dolphins, agent says

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Vegas Trip later this month

We'll be heading off for Vegas Oct. 19 for my MRI conference at the Luxor. Three days of meetings is a small price to pay for things to do up there. We're going to finally hit the downtown Fremont area, maybe take in a show, and we're even thinking about playing some golf while we're there. Just have to toss the clubs into the back of the Ranger when packing, that's all.

I'm planning on checking out a par 3 course up there, Cloud Nine, which is lighted for night playing and has duplicated some of the famous golf holes in the world. Hope it works out.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Cross-dressing can save your life

Those crazy baseball players - they seem to act the most like kids when they're not playing their game. This time, it worked out for the best. The bad news - a Cleveland Indian was shot in the leg while riding on the team bus. The good news - his knee-high white go-go boots saved his career.


Here's the story