Sunday, November 28, 2004

Tweak the BCS

Here are some guys who have been doing their BCS homework. Against all odds, they have come up 6 (six) different playoff systems for Div I, all of which are bigger moneymakers than the bowls we have now (New Mexico vs. Troy?). The main problem, however, is that they all make perfect sense, generate bigger bucks, and have a national championship game (how about the weekend before the Super Bowl?); of course, if it makes sense the NCAA won't do it. I really thought this would be settled in my lifetime.

That'll leave a mark

Even as a diehard 'Cat fan I was sorry to hear that Andrew Walter will have to miss ASU's bowl game this season. Looking at the replay of his injury it certainly wasn't an illegal hit or cheap shot that bent his wing, just one of those things.

Here's wishing ASU's QB a speedy recovery , and a few more "meetings" with Lance Briggs, Chris MacAllister, Tedy Bruschi and others in the NFL.

Rebound Bowl??

This is the sixth time since 1982 that the Sun Devils are going to a bowl coming off a loss or tie to Arizona. They are 4-1 in those rebound bowls, beating Oklahoma in the '83 Fiesta, Michigan in the '87 Rose, Air Force in the '87 Freedom and Iowa in the '97 Sun. The only bowl defeat after a loss to UA was 18-17 to Arkansas in '85 in the Holiday Bowl, where ASU appears headed to face Texas A&M (7-4) on Dec. 30 in San Diego.

Here's the whole AZRepublic story about the ASU awards banquet this year.

Hardcore Holly goes berserk!

Whoa! I thought you said this all was fake! HH snapped after a fellow grappler made a few bad choices with Holly's car. Some beach! Too bad the match wasn't televised.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Basket Cats start the regular season tonight

Lute takes the gang into yet another early season tournament (he loves those things), and who can forget Dickie V. "discovering" Sean Elliott and the Cats in Alaska back in the 80's. Tonight's Preseason NIT game at McKale finds 'Zona (we hate that) taking on San Diego in a first-round game. If all goes well, we should be watching UA/Wake Forest for the tourney title when Jeff,Zenna, and family are here!

Saturday, November 13, 2004


once again Greg Hansen proves that he's no homer when it comes to Wildcat football. The only thing missing here is the irritating reference to Larry Smith. I'll take Corky Simpson on this one.

Can the Cats pull this one off? It'll be tough. but not impossible (think Rudy, Hoosiers, '81) -

UA 22 Usc 19

Thursday, November 11, 2004

No Foreign Objects

I don't know about you, but I recognize all the wrestlers that are lined up for this WRESTLING REUNION show in N.J. Look for Superfly Jimmy Snuka to make a surprise entrance from an upper balcony...

(wonder what the Golden Ticket package is....yikes!)

"To be the man you have to beat the man........Whoooooo"
Ric Flair

Final tune-up tonight for 'Cats

Sonoma State drops into McKale tonight for the competition as the Cats get ready for their run to March Madness '05. I'm waiting to see if Isaiah Fox gets any minutes tonight, or if he's still in Lute's doghouse for undisclosed reasons (I'm guessing this time he lifted a Krispy Kreme from Gas City). With preseason polls putting us only as high as #10, maybe we can fly under the radar for awhile until we gel as a team. Let's hope the Cats don't try to sleepwalk through this one tonight - if they play like it's Somnambulate State they'll be in trouble.

Tonight also marks the debut of Mohamed Tangara, which make the question of I. Fox moot.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Ouch! opens a can of whoop-ass on the 'Cats and slaps 'em good in a recent article. Seems to me, though, that the chemistry on this year's team is much-improved from last season's one-and-done squad. Don't these guys know what happens when you back a Cat into the corner?

Bear Down!

Where are they now?

Chris Dunn

It's only been a year since he left the UA (couldn't handle going to class), but he has had a very busy 12 months, as told so well in this story. Thanks to Yoni for the great research, and only the best to Chris D.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Rare article about UA basketball team here

Sorry, I meant a rare article about the ASU hoops team. This PAC-10 preview is just a little of the wealth of info at I found at College Basketball Blog. Great week to be a Cat - just beat Washington, playing #1 USC in three days (and anything can happen, folks), and the basketball team is working out the kinks before they begin play in the Preseason NIT. Slap a little family, a little turkey and dressing in there, spanking the Devil, and it's going to be a November to Remember.

(withholding my UA/'SC prediction for the time being)

Monday, November 08, 2004

Arizona's Bowl Games

After finally winning a PAC10 game, and on the road to boot, the Wildcats are looking at November as their bowl season. Two games - against #1 USC and arch-rival ASU - remain. Looking forward to a great effort from our guys this week! CAts talk about the plan.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

C'mon, Cole

A drive-by at Siegfried and Roy's?? Here's a mugshot fit for the Smoking Gun

The Best and Worst of College Football

The top 10 best and worst things about college football are all spelled out for us. I gotta put the "Pageantry" higher than 10, though.

Tough week for LA school point guards

UCLA and USC both lost point guards, which really breaks my heart. Looks like the Cats have depth enough this year to be able to handle such a loss, heaven forbid. Then again, last year we were feeling pretty good, too, and things sort of imploded from the get-go. Sunday's exhibition game will be our first look....hope it's on TV.