Friday, January 28, 2005

Thanks Jeff and family

I finally get to go spend my Golfsmith Christmas gift certificate and I can't wait. We're taking off for our nearest Superstore, which happens to be in San Diego. What are the odds? We'll check in with the Ramada and start the ball rolling for the big Fiesta in June. It's so much better to do these types of things in person, you know.
Beat Wazzu!

Boo Hoo Hoo

Arizona's free-for-all too much for UW You have to admit that 31 in a row is awesome baby

Salim and None

Huskies topple from first "Only I can stop myself"........or as Jawann McClellan says you have to hold him to stop him.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Cats still pickin' up steam - COLLEGE BASKETBALL- Arizona took over first place in Pac-10 with a win at home over a very athletic and talented Washington team, bucking tradition again by beating the huskies. Actually, I knew it was in the book on my way into work this afternoon. Driving past the boneyard at DM, an SUV passed me in the opposite direction. With two purple husky flags fluttering from their backseat windows. Heading straight out of town.

It's midnight and time for me to watch the game - it was an awesome radio broadcast again, as always. Great on FM.

Former UA hoopster Hanour closes out college career

Travis Hanour, : senior guard for San Diego State and former UA player (2000-01) will miss the rest of this season due to knee injuries, a sadly lingering problem for the lad. Wilbur wishes Travis only the best in the future

Surreal camera shots for Fox's Super Bowl

Fox has decided to place up to 12 cameras, each about the size of a pencil eraser, in and around the grass playing field for the Super Bowl. Already used at last year's All-Star game (and I remember seeing some shots from inside a golf hole), the TurfCams will be imbedded in the turf and placed in the 4 endzone pylons. Couple those with that aerial camera on wires that gives broadcasts a video-game appearance - I'll be watching all this technology as much as the commercials.

What are the chances that the Lingerie Bowl will have the same setup

Anybody here seen my old friend Mike Montgomery

The New York Times (of all places) has an interesting article about ex-Stanford coach Montgomery. Wonder if he misses the bus trips to Pullman?

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Dookies take a dive

Maryland beats Duke and knocks them out of the ranks of the unbeaten. At Cameron. What do you say, Coach K.?
"They were the team that deserved to win tonight," said Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, whose Blue Devils lost for the first time in 16 games. "That's not easy for me to say, but they deserved it." Durham Herald Sun
Ever gracious in defeat.

From the Dawgs POV

From the enemy camp - notes on the UA/UW game tomorrow. It makes some interesting points, including this take on Arizona's depth this season:
"Last year, for instance, when Arizona lost to UW in the semifinals of the Pac-10 tournament, Arizona's bench — depleted by injuries, transfers and early entry to the NBA — played just 39 minutes, and the team's starters seemed visibly tired at the end. Against Oregon State last week, the bench played 72 minutes, allowing key players to save some juice for the end of the game. "

If we can just swat that pesky little Nate we'll be fine.

Wilbur sez..

Matt at Lets Talk About Sports: has this to say about this week's game with the Huskies. Check out his page for lots of info on UA and the Red Sox!

"Washington vs. Arizona 8:30pm FSN

Being a huge Arizona fan, this is a game I have been looking forward to since last year. Washington beat Arizona three times last year, which for Lute Olson has to be unacceptable. This is a chance for the Wildcats to get revenge. Arizona is coming off a week by beating Oregon and Oregon State on the road, while Washington only played one game last week beating Washington State. This game could not be more evenly matched. Both teams come in with a record of 6-1 in conference. Washington is 16-2 overall, with Arizona a step behind at 16-3. Salim Stoudamire has averaged 19 points, and hit 65% of his three pointers in his last ten games. Look for Salim to have another huge game if Arizona is to win."

Bennet loses cool, apologizes to Washington fans

The most frequent apologies come from those who use "The Gesture" while expressing their anger and frustration. Who could ever forget Larry Smith leaving Arizona Stadium, flipping the fans off, after a miserable performance against I believe UCLA. He didn't apologize - didn't think he had to. Thought the fans were out of line.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Red Roaders do it again, with a little help from their frosh

The 2004-05 version of the Kiddie Corps have stepped it up a notch recently, and in my eye they are responsible for the UA's comeback win against OSU this past weekend. It was these youngsters who were in the game when AZ came clawing back from a 15-point deficit in the first half, cutting it to one point at halftime. Let's all welcome Jesus, Jawann, and Kirk to PAC10 ball!

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Real-time stats

Wilma likes to keep up with the official scorebook, and this is the closest I've found to one yet....College

Wardrobe Malfunction Alert

Paul McCartney and Charlie Daniels will headline the Superbowl XXXIX Halftime Show, as well as a salute to America's military. A tribute to Ray Charles is also planned. Hopefully, the game can will be a classic as well.

Stop the Bleeding

Pac-10 tourney now a reach for ASU.....I think they need to start looking for a new coach. No...............they can keep him.

Together again

OSU's John will return for Arizona from the Oregonian in Portland

Friday, January 21, 2005

Preview of UA vs. Oregon State

Olson/John showdown in Corvallis

OSU's John back for 'special game,' and there couldn't be any better news than that. Beating the Beavers if their head coach wasn't there just wouldn't be the same. Can't imagine how ASU must have felt losing to OSU without Jay John...

Wilma wants to know

Wilma raised a good question will she and I were watching last night's game against Oregon again - why is Fox Sports showing ASU school promos during our game with UO? Any body else notice this, like the PAC-10, the network, or UA Athletics?

Arizona's "Red Roaders" do it again

The Wildcats collected their third straight victory over the Ducks in Eugene, 74-66, as Salim continued his "Head Band Hot Streak" with 27 points and lights-out shooting from beyond the arc. Maybe this is the team can win in those red road unis, something previous groups have not been able to do. Could it be another tradition in the making?
Did you see see Hassan "Hot Sauce" just take the ball away from that Duck on an attempted lay-up? In-freaking-credible! What a monster that guy is, even if he has backed off the celebrations a little.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

UA beats UCLA at the wire

UA beats UCLA at the wire, as Salim's beautiful 3-pointer arched towards and into the basket to give UA it's 3-point margin over the Bruins. The following 2 seconds were crazy, with a personal foul, a technical foul, and four missed free throws before the final whistle.
Past teams might have been more "fun" to watch, but there are few purer shooters as sweet as Salim- what a stroke! His hair's lookin' better, too.

Cats Rank 8th in today's Rivals100 list for football recruits

He's Stoops, he scores!" Not only are we #8, but the next PAC10 team - SC - is at 16! Watched some of the US Army All American Bowl today from the Alamodome - nice show. Unique the way high-profile recruits announced their decisions live on-the-air throughout the game, too.
Best of health and luck to all these budding stars!

More UA here

Heads up and a salute to another AZ Wildcat blog - Xeth Waxman and his Wildcat blog.
Go Cats!

Rick Neuheisel misses assignment, gets flagged in lawsuit

Defamation of character will not be an issue in Neuheisel's NCAA lawsuit against Washington after the judge blew the whistle on that play and dismissed it from the case. "The Core of the case" will go on, as his attorney says, which is a shame; the guy simply should not have been betting on sports, period. Slots, blackjack, poker, no problem. There shouldn't be a problem finding a casino somewhere around Seattle that would be more than happy to lighten your wallet, but where's your common sense?

Just another example of failure to take responsibility for one's actions.

Friday, January 14, 2005

UA gridiron recruit reports on All Star experience

Daniel Borg, a local prep star and UA recruit, reports here on his experiences at the US Army All-American game in Texas. Other than a hint at bad news about Ekom Udofia from Scottsdale (sounds like we might have lost him) it's filled with lots of insight into Daniel and his aspirations.

Wilbur's future's so bright he's gotta wear shades.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Arizona Stadium - Are You Ready to Rock?

ASUA Speaker's Board is considering going more mainstream this year with their concert/talent events, with Robin Williams, Dave Chappelle, U2 and the Dave Mathews Band on the "getting-shorter" list.

This semester, ASUA wants to hold an outdoor "Spring Rock Concert" in Arizona Stadium, which can seat 56,002 people. Depending on travel plans/promo tours for name bands we could have a great show.

More later....

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Moon over the Frozen Tundra

Whatever amount the NFL fines Randy Moss for Sunday's "foolin' round" it won't be enough, but there's an interesting twist to this story. Seems that Cheeseheads stick around after home games and moon the visiting teams as they leave.....

of course it's small - it's freezing out here

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Modern Science

It must have been stem cell theraphy that rejuvenated Stanford's offense and Chris Hernandez's back in yesterdays Wildcat loss to the Cardinal in the Bay Area. I spent the whole game at work (though I did manage to watch the first half at Chuy's between cases) so I missed the collapse in the second half. Hey - remember when a split on the road was a good thing?

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Copy Cats

Matt Leinart could join the list of college QB's leaving school, a list that already includes Aaron Rodgers of Cal and Alex Smith of Utah. I saw signs of this coming when Nic Costa and Kris Heavner left the Wildcats earlier, and I can only blame them for this mass exodus of talent from the college game.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Miles Simon back to help out

The practice and scout teams at McKale got a boost when 1997 Final Four MVP Miles Simon returned to campus to finish his education. Nothing surprising about this, esp. with the family first atmosphere with Lute and the team.

Also seen around town - Reggie Geary, helping out at a local high school while he pursues his degree. Hmmm - he'd be a fiery and exciting coach to play for.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Orange Bowl

While watching USC decimate the Sooners tonight I couldn't help but think of our game against the Trojans. I am really encouraged now about our team - we gave SC a better battle than Oklahoma did! At least we were only down 14-3 at the half - in the Coliseum. Can't help but start dreaming about a M. Stoops vs B. Stoops major bowl matchup sometime in the future. My Way News

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Family feud underlies ASU-UA rivalry

From the Arizona Republic I didn't know that these two were related. I think I'll take Hassan.