Monday, February 28, 2005

DukeSucks Center - in our hearts

Fark names Fleet Center today.
"Meet the Farkers
Delaware North Companies, owner and operator of Boston's FleetCenter, announced today that they have reached agreement with Drew Curtis on a naming rights deal to re-name the world-class sports and entertainment arena the 'Boston Garden'. After several less than appropriate name choices from Drew, the approved name selection was one we could all agree on. Drew, who lives in Kentucky, is the founder of a popular website which offers up offbeat news stories and posts to its community members -- TotalFarkers. The deal will both go into effect and expire on Monday, February 28, 2005."

Saturday, February 26, 2005

SI steps up and backs Cats

Interesting read here from SI that favors the Cats in the NCAAs.
And to think I just buy Sports Illustrated for the pictures

Cats/Huskies duke it out in Seattle

In the PAC10's game of the year, with a national TV audience watching, the quest for national respect - heck, we'll settle for a little mention - for bball in the West could be settled. A win gives the Cats their 11th league title under Olson, Olson's record-breaking 305th league win, and a 7-game winning streak heading into tempe next week. Those red road jerseys have given the Cats some memorable wins this year, and I'm looking for that trend to continue today.

Read about the game here.....

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Cats Hammer asu 11-5

Heading into a a road trip that includes games against #1 Texas, the Batcats warmed up by frying asu 11-5 yesterday at Kindall Field. It's still way too early to say if the earth has shifted and the UA program has passed their rival's (if only for a year....pleeeeze), and there is the 3-game series in Tempe later this spring, but this team picked up steam last season and haven't had to hit the brakes yet.

Arizona’s win over ASU on Wednesday was its third straight dating back to last season. The last time Arizona has beaten the Sun Devils three straight was in 1993 ... Wednesday marked the 10th time this season Arizona posted double digit hits and the seventh time in 11 games it scored 10 or more runs ... Junior Trevor Crowe led off the game with a double, the seventh time he has started Arizona with a hit to begin a game and the eighth time he has reached base to lead off (seven hits, one walk). He has four leadoff doubles and one triple this season ... Wednesday’s three homer game, marked the ninth contest this year Arizona has hit at least one home run and the sixth with two or more.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

XTreme Tennis in Dubai

Check out how Federer warms up for this week's Dubai Championships, on an unbelievable court. Saw a camera ad on TV that must have been shot at the same time, same place, too. Or maybe a little golf with Tiger?

Wooden spurs Wildcats

There aren't many schools where the student-athletes can sit down for a session with a true coaching legend, but it happened for the Wildcat basketball team yesterday when John Wooden himself stopped by practice for a visit. Lute can pass his mentor in PAC10 victories (Wooden has 304) with a successful trip through the NW, beginning with wsu tomorrow. The Daily Wildcat has an excellent article about Wooden and Olson, also, and reflects on Olson's career here and his ability to maintain the program at such a level of excellence year in and year out.
Anyone else starting to feel a deep run in the NCAAs?

Stoudamire puts past behind him in spectacular finish to college career

Even The Beaufort Gazette in South Carolina is jumping on Arizona's bandwagon.

Five things to watch for in college basketball this week

Check out #2 -
"Wildcats: No, not that fictional football team coached by Goldie Hawn so many years ago -- the basketball teams that represent No. 23 Villanova, No. 9 Arizona and No. 5 Kentucky, which are among the hottest in the nation (a combined 26-4 in their past 10 games)."
From one of those Eastern papers

Olson takes on Eastern bias again, this time about Stoudamire

Lute fails again to appreciate remarks from a sportscaster - this time Digger Phelps - and takes him to task over Digger's nonchalant attitude towards Salim and his game recently. Think that'll pump Salim up?

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

PAC10 gets some good press

Marques Johnson warns everyone, "Don't overlook the Pac-10," and is stumping for 4 league teams to make it into March Madness.

Monday, February 21, 2005

More on Salim

Greg Hansen has a nice column today about Salim and his amazing 4 years at the UA. What a transformation.

Incidentally, Greg's son Ben, a sportswriter/Cat Backer just like dad, recently suffered a stoke at a the young age of 27. To help Ben, donate here and get a chance for dinner with Lute. Here's to a speedy recovery, Ben.

Wilbur, Wilma unmasked

UA's mascots unveiled their true identities at halftime yesterday, after 2 and 3 years of pumping up the crowds and lifting a leg on Sparky. The tradition continues.....

"Senior moments" a good thing for UA trio

Salim pours it on, Frye dominates in the middle, and Brase has a career night as the three AZ seniors played their final game in front of the home crowd, beating Jay John's OSU Beavers easily in the process. Salim set the UA school with 9 3-pointers in a game (on 9 of 14 shooting) and Frye had another double double (15 pts. 11 boards), while Matt Brase had career highs in points (4), boards (4), and didn't miss a dunk. The Cats put OSU away early and never looked back; they haven't looked better in a long time, catching fire at just the right time. With a possible 12 games remaining, don't count these guys out - this is not a team that will bicker its way out of the PAC10 and NCAA tourneys early.
Read more about the game here.
Box score here.

Salim vs. Redick on Sunday -
Salim - 9 of 14 3pt. shots, 10 of 16 overall, 31 points (left game with 10:14 remaining)
Redick - 6 of 10 3pt. shots, 9 of 15 overall, 38 points

Saturday, February 19, 2005

More Bruschi

Corky Simpson has a great column about Tedy Bruschi, reminding us of why he's one of the best Wildcats ever.

Channing looking back

Frye reflects as run at UA comes to endHere's a good article from the Arizona Republic. It is also revealed that this Arizona Republic writer had to put in a little jab about going to the big dance. Actually, we always get to go........counter punch.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

They just don't get it out east.................

NCAA Basketball For Olson, the sun rises in the West - CBS

Bruschi undergoes tests

Tedy Bruschi reportedly suffered partial paralysis yesterday and was admitted to MassGen for some more tests to determine status. Sounds like a little TIA (ministroke), with vision and speech returning to normal shortly after the episode. Best of luck to one of our favorite Wildcats.

Reggie comes clean

Reggie Fowler admitted to bio errors after the story broke yesterday (Wilma saw it on Wizbang) that the new Minnesota Vikings owner had padded his resume. Not that he did anything the rest of us haven't done to get a job - embellish the truth to look a little better - but he did get caught doing it.
The revised version is in the mail.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Hot seat warming up for asu's Evans

Time to circle the wagons, Rob - a scalping party is headed your direction. Sounds like this could be the end of the line, but miracles have happened before. With such phrases as "listless performances" and "a coaching job that is a mirage" it can't be long before a search committee is formed. So who wants that job, anyway?

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Get the Duck out

Looks like oregon is going to be a man down (goose down?) for their swing through the desert this week. I hope they don't plan on using this as an excuse when we whup 'em Thursday, but I still don't see this as a plus for asu....they still don't stand a chance.

DukeSucksCenter - the dream will have to live on

The Denver Post picked up on FARK obtaining naming rights for one day to Boston's FleetCenter. Interestingly enough, Drew Curtis of FARK paid $2550 for the honor of renaming the arena, while the world famous Golden Palace paid $35099 today for the same privilege. What are the odds of that?
According to the story,
(FARK's) initial proposal of " Duke Sucks Center" was rejected. Among the ideas submitted so far: Abe Vigoda Memorial Center, the Farkatorium and the Boston Garden.

Maybe they'd go for asu SUCKS.

Grudge Match 2005 Part I

I don't know how this happened, but there's a UA/asu baseball game today that hasn't been getting much press. Maybe the fact that it is a non-league game (how does that happen?) makes it less important. I can't say much, though - I didn't know about until today.

Check out the rankings, though: #9 AZ #18 asu

......Where'd I put that damn baseball schedule.......

A day all Duke haters can look forward to

In a moment of divine inspiration has purchased - on ebay - the naming rights to Boston's FleetCenter for Feb.28, 2005 - it will be known as the Duke Sucks Center for that day. And just look at all the things they get:

You are bidding on a once-in-a-lifetime chance to the naming rights of Boston's FleetCenter for Monday, February 28, 2005. This unique package includes:
Front-page exposure on arena website (, one of the most highly trafficked entertainment sites in New England. 'YourCenter' will be online for 24-hours beginning at 9:00 a.m. EST of your day.
One designated parking spot in the 'YourCenter' lot conveniently located in front of the building.
'YourCenter' exposure on in-arena Jumbotron and LED 360o signage system.
'YourCenter' announced on the FleetCenter's phone line & on-hold script.
A press release distributed to local and national media announcing your naming rights agreement.
A framed photo collage commemorating 'YourCenter,' including a ticket issued from your Box Office and an official certificate will be shipped to you at a later date.
Plus a special surprise gift package.

Check out the thread to this story, and stay tuned for Dookie V.'s response.

Tip-off time announced for Cats and Dawgs II

The rematch between the conference's top two teams takes place in Seattle on Sat., Feb. 26, at 1 PM PST, 2 PM MST. It will be a nationally televised game on Fox Sports (are they paying us enough?) and could be the game of the year. With the Cat's ugly loss to washington state and the bad Dawgs' performance against oregon state, neither team can afford any more mistakes for the next 3 weekends. And then? The PAC10 tourney. The big question these days is which teams are not going to make it to Staples.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Cats home for oregon schools this week

With a little boost in the polls after last week's blitzkrieg through "Los Angheleez," an impressive late-season surge, and washington's loss to oregon state, Arizona sits atop the PAC10 standings alone - and liking it. Team chemistry has greatly improved since the loss to wsu at home. Each player has stepped up when needed, and all this unselfish play has paid dividends at gametime, adding to the enjoyment of the game by both the players and the fans. We've got the horses to kick butt, so let's do it.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

St. John Fisher Cardinals go to 23-0

Athletics at St. John Fisher College tells of my new favorite Division III team and its quest for the Empire 8 Conference title.

"J.J. is Redickulous" and other student cheers

Seen and heard around the arena at the Duke/MD game. An argument in favor of grouping students together at games?

Keep him..........please

If Evans goes, ASU may not do any better

Olson takes aim at Dookie Vitale

East coast bias is one thing. Just plain ignoring the facts is entirely different. Lute called out "Dookie" Vitale this week for not giving Salim his due as the country's best pure shooter, and he had some facts to back his talk up.
"There's a bit of information that Rich (Paige, UA SID) shared with me about (J.J.) Redick being the greatest shooter in the country,'' Olson said. "If he hit 71 consecutive field goals, he'd reach Salim's field goal percentage shooting. If Redick made 53 consecutive three-pointers, he'd tie Salim for three-point field goal percentage."

Interesting enough, Marques Johnson brought up the same point during the UA/ucla telecast, so the message has not been falling on deaf ears.
Frankly, I was quite surprised not to see Vitale race out to Coach K's side and start CPR when K hyperventilated and hit the floor earlier this week.

stanford wins and loses

stanford's emotional win over cal came at a price - the loss of leading scorer Dan Grunfeld for the remainder of the season. He tore the ACL in his right knee" in a non-contact play," with surgery to be scheduled soon. If all goes well and rehab is successful, Grunfeld, a junior guard, should be ready to return for next season. Wilbur will let you know where to send those cards and candy.

Cats find "La Chispa" in LA

The Cats continued their new-found winning ways while wearing the Red road jerseys, this time leaving ucla in the dust for a share of the PAC10 lead with an 83-73 victory in LA. Ivan played great this weekend, just missing 2 double/doubles by a single point on Thursday. He also might be the next in line for kneepads, after his hustling diving style found him on the floor a few times scrambling for the ball. His enthusiasm has rubbed off on the rest of the team, making him "La Chispa" (the spark) of this current streak.
And Duke lost, too? It doesn't get much better.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Nike sweatshops uncovered

Corky Simpson reports that UA AD Jim Livengood and others recently toured the Nike factories in SE Asia to investigate the "sweatshop issue" that has dogged Nike for years, especially on college campuses. The group was given free reign to talk to anyone, anywhere about problems that might exist, and the only problem was that everybody wanted to work there.
"The living and working conditions at the Nike factories are extremely good by Vietnamese standards. They offer home care for children, medical benefits and good cafeteria food. The issue I found was a concern that everybody over there might want these jobs. Nike working conditions have forced other manufacturers to improve their workplaces."

I'm waiting to see if the outcome of this trip merits as much press coverage as the protests that initiated it.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Kind words for Channing Frye

A very nice article here about AZ's senior center, one big man who lived up to his promise and more. His steady growth and development as a person and a player has been rarely matched, and he is well on his way to making us all proud that he's a Wildcat.

Cats en fuego in LA

Got to listen to some of the game tonight against usc, however ER did its best to keep our scanners going. So - I'm just sitting down to watch the game. Congratulations to Lute on his 300th PAC-10 victory, joining John Wooden as the only coaches in league history to achieve that milestone. Can the new Redshirt Cats win number 301 on Saturday at ucla with The Legend himself in attendance? With the bruins' new-found confidence and inspired play, and the game being at Pauley, I'd wager the attendance will top the Sports Arena crowd of 4400+/-.
Hot Sauce...

Tucson may get third pro team soon

Reggie Fowler, former Sahuaro prep star turned Chandler business whiz is close to buying the Minnesota Vikings,which would make him...well, here. Read about it in the Republic:
If successful, Fowler would become the third Tucson native in less than two years to buy a major professional sports franchise. He would join Arte Moreno of Phoenix, who became the first Hispanic to own a major U.S. sport when he bought the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in May 2003 for $184 million, and Robert Sarver, who now lives near San Diego and bought the Phoenix Suns last spring for $401 million.

Pretty neat, huh? I love this town.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

usc always scares me

The local press' low-key approach to tonight's game at usc has me concerned. The Cats have a (well-earned) reputation of playing at the level of the competition, and if they think they're going to just mail this one in we could be in for a long night. Bibby or no Bibby, usc could pull off a shocker if we're not careful or caught looking ahead to ucla.
Put on those red road jerseys and get r done

Where are they now? Joe McLean

This guy was the Charlie Hustle of Wildcat basketball, diving for loose balls, playing smothering defense, always with the fashionable kneepads on. We could use a good scrambler, not afraid to get down and dirty for a loose ball.
Kneepads required.
Thanks for the inspirational play, Joe. But...moving to Phoenix

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Thanks, Chuck

AZ sports legend Chuck Cecil and his wife Carrie recently announced a fundraising committee to benefit the UMC Trauma Center. Plans are for a celebrity golf tournament in early June, with a goal of $74K for the one-day event. Sounds like I better start saving my greens fees...imagine playing in a foursome with, say, Tom Tolbert? Chuck himself? Now we owe him a double debt of gratitude; first, for giving us the pleasure of watching him play here for 4 years, and second for his continuing gift of himself and his time.

One thing, though - I take offense to the "Ex-Wildcat" used in the headline of the article. Once a Cat, always a Cat.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Extreme betting

Cruel cut for Welsh rugby fan as he goes One-Nut Lance one better. I've felt bad after a loss before, but never this bad.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

What happened to Vince?

In the WWE's latest PPV, "Royal Rumble," owner Vince McMahon tore quad muscles in both legs doing a storyline stunt. That's what happens when you don't stay in ring-shape, I guess. The Wrestling Superstars were in town yesterday, an event I'm sorry to have missed, especially since Superfly Jimmy Snuka had a match. The AWA Title Match even rated a mention in today's paper.

Hit the road, Cats

No. 14 Arizona makes stand, routs Cardinal, now gets ready to take the show on the road this week. The victory over the tree put a stop to Stanford's 4-game winning streak at McKale and showed an AZ team playing with a passion and pride not seen in quite some time. This week's games against sc and ucla, on the road, should give us a good idea if the guys have indeed jelled. What are the chances of another road sweep in those lucky red jerseys?

Charlie Camp leaves Old Miss

Charlie Camp, former UA linebacker/coach/good guy, has had things a little rocky recently. Barely a month after joining the staff at Ole Miss Charlie has resigned for personal reasons. Sadly, it seems the reasons include a DUI, which likely will prevent his return to Oregon State, according to this Oregon newscast. This is a pretty expensive "learning experience," and should instead be filed under "Wasted Opportunities."

Get in the Hole!

Greg Hansen's Sunday column, always
chock full of interesting tidbits about Tucson sports and the comings and goings of our local sports heroes, was especially interesting today. Along with stories about Lute Olson, UA softball, Michael Wright,among others, this one stood out as I read the column:

"UA alumnus Rory Sabbatini, for example, is wearing decidedly non-Tour camouflage pants on the Thursday of every event this year. It is his pledge to support American troops overseas. Sabbatini is donating $250 for every birdie and $1,000 for every eagle to the Fallen Heroes Fund. Through Friday, that meant $14,100 and could reach $100,000 this year if Sabbo continues as a top-30 golfer.

The staid PGA Tour informed Sabbatini that his camouflage outfit is unacceptable, but he continues to wear the pants - tailored to fit him nicely - while a players review board studies the situation."

Greg failed to mention that Rory is a native of Durban, South Africa, so this patriotic gesture takes on a little global flavor. Makes the first round a little more interesting for the TV audience. If Wilma will pledge her winnings ($1 for a bogie, $2 a par, and $5 for a birdie) from our weekly contests I'll match it. Since Rory has never recorded an ace, maybe this will be the year for that, too!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Git 'R Done

The Cats bounced back even better than expected in tonight's victory over Cal, and look to be just picking up steam. I don't know if it's because I didn't set the DVR for this one or what, but this sounded like a win from 17 or 18 years ago. Remember? AZ jumps out to a quick big lead, the opponent is demoralized early, and we cruise to a 20+ point win. We could watch a game without a doubt in our mind that the Cats would be victorious. Victory parties would be held at Flaky Jake's in Tempe before the game even started.
Perhaps tonight's game signals a return to those types of games.
In Lute's post-game show, in fact, he mentioned that he had shown the team films this week of those '87 & '88 teams and their jump out of the box.
Can't wait for the replay on FoxSports tomorrow so I can see the game for myself.

Cats vs. Cal

Greg Hansen has some interesting points in today's gameday column. Haven't brought myself around to watching the debacle against Dick Bennet, so we won't be dwelling on the past here. Best bet is we'll see a riled up Zona team tonight. When the heck are we ever going to kick someone's ass???