Friday, May 27, 2005

Chico Outlaws

After two years without a minor-league team, baseball-crazy Chico gets to watch their Outlaws open at home tonight. Hey, Eithan. How about a cap from your new team? (size 7-5/8)

Starting the Legend of Lute

Lute's first recruits comprised a class of three, but what a class. Eddie Smith, Pete Wilson, and Steve Kerr. All NBA players, all stayed 4 years at AZ.
Lute's Recruits: 1983

Memory Lane

Today's installment of Wildcat BBall lore:
Lute's Recruits: 1985

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Coach shows team his cojones

...and wants to know if they have them, too, after losing a baseball game. Zips up his job June 1st.

Items of note

USA Today All-Americans - Trevor Crowe (1st team) and Jordan Brown (2nd team) make appearances on the College Baseball All-American team. Hats off to the boys.

Lute's recruits 1984 - must read article looks at Lute's first full recruiting class. Rolf Jacobs got kicked off the team for fighting?

Oklahoma Sooners coming to town - or would that be the Sooneritas? Lady Wildcats take them on here in the Super Regional this weekend. Wagons East!

Jason Seefeld makes the hometown paper - local boy makes good story from Clovis.

Bear down.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Who could ever replace Lute?

How about our own Steve Kerrrrrr? This quote from a Phx paper gives hope for just that:

"Looks like Steve Kerr has his eyes on replacing Lute Olson down the road as the head man for the Wildcats. The Chicago Sun Times interviewed Kerr this week and though he said he would prefer to coach in the NBA he also said, 'If the Arizona job ever became a possibility for me, I'd have to consider it. I love Tucson and I love the University.'..."

Friday, May 20, 2005

Cats OWN the Devils - here's the proof

This is the type of year that is burned forever into the minds of Wildcat fans and anti-Devil worshippers. Soak it up, fans. The Wildcats have sent asu sport teams back to their locker room with that pitchfork stuck where the sun don't shine at a record pace this year, as this article from shows so elegantly. Bask in the glory, Wildcat fans, as we know that Sparky is right now regrouping his forces for yet another attack on all that's good next year.

Sucks to be a Sun Devil.

Saturday, May 14, 2005


The 3-game series starts at Packard today. Get R Dun, Cats.

Blown opportunities

College Neanderthals of the Week:

Ohio State kicker suspended after arrest
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Ohio State kicker Jonathan Skeete was suspended from the team indefinitely after being arrested Wednesday for allegedly trafficking marijuana....

Five UConn football players charged
WILLIMANTIC, Conn. (AP) -- Five Connecticut football players were charged in a case in which the window of a vehicle was shot out by a pellet gun as two cars passed in a parking lot....

Wisconsin's Stanley suspended from team
MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Wisconsin tailback Booker Stanley was suspended from the team Monday following his arrest at a weekend street party....

Cincinnati player dismissed, another quits
CINCINNATI (AP) -- Freshman forward Roy Bright was kicked off Cincinnati's basketball team Tuesday after acknowledging he had a firearm on campus, and freshman guard Vincent Banks left the team for personal reasons....

Lawyer: Dotson won't use insanity defense
DALLAS (AP) -- The court-appointed lawyer for former Baylor basketball player Carlton Dotson said his client won't use an insanity defense in his upcoming murder trial....

Good news - asu players kept a low profile and out of the papers.

Quite a streak

from the Dallas News.Tiger Woods the Annika Sorenstam of Men's Golf.

Friday, May 13, 2005

I love this guy, but never liked the Dodgers

Tommy Lasorda's World .........Tommy is a patriotic as they come and a credit to the blogging world

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Arenas blows up 'zero' theories by being invaluable

(Gilbert) Arenas, 23, who finished seventh in the league in scoring this season with 25.5 points per game, just might be the best NBA player nobody knows.

With all the press that Gilbert is receiving this year he won't be an unknown for much longer. This article from a Palm Beach newspaper tells the world once again what Cat fans have known for a long time...Gil Jr. is one offbeat, kooky, talented guy. And Shaq still owes him $10K.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Like father like son

Wilma found a great article about one of the zaniest Wildcats ever, Gilbert Arenas, and his father Gil Sr. There's no question where Junior gets his ambition, drive, motivation, and personality. Hope he has a great series and gets all the attention he deserves.........left, right, left, left, right

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Marquette could be changing its name -- again

The Marquette Warriors-turned Golden Eagles would be known as just the "Gold" if their regents have a say in it. It's been 28 years since the school won the NCAA title as "Warriors," but PC came along and team nickname changes were soon the rage. Wouldn't want to offend anyone, especially the Redmen. Students, radical ones, still take up the cause and fight for their mascot.

See you at the casino....

Thursday, May 05, 2005

asu loses another one

Once again Sparky fails to reel in a top-ranked hoops recruit, but at least Rob's running a clean program up there.

"(JC All-American Rekalin) Sims joins center Jared Carter of Georgetown, Ky., and guard Adam Williams, of St. Alban's, W. Va., in the 2005 UK signing class. He chose the Wildcats over Indiana, Auburn and Arizona State."

Chris Rodgers wades into NBA draft pool

Hadn't even heard hints about this before, but Rodgers is planning to declare himself for the NBA draft without hiring an agent. Chances are good we'll see him back in a Wildcat uniform next year. Hopefully he'll can pull a Salim and do a 180 with his attitude, making him an even more opposing defender and shooter.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

asu conspiracy at Alumni Plaza?

Speculation here that some sun devils had a hand in planning UA's Alumni Plaza, and even managed to sneak their God-forsaken maroon and gold color scheme into the brickwork. True or not, it's just another salvo fired in the eternal battle of good vs evil as Wildcats everywhere continue their crusade against that team to the north.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Gilbert pulls up his pants

and helps lead the Wizards by the Bulls to even their series up at 2.

"Four Wizards players - Arenas, Hughes, Jamison and Dixon - were warned by the NBA for wearing their shorts too long in Game 3. All four had their shorts pulled up a little higher Monday. ... "