Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Radar golf

New dad Barcelo continues hot streak and qualifies for the British Open in the process. Wilbur and his family remember Richard in the mid-70's running the bases as a batboy for our Handyman T-ball team.
Congrats, Radar - you're living the dream - and ours, too

.........and he wants everyone to know that U of A is a much better school than ASU

UA/NASCAR Link: '04 champ is ex-Cat - Kurt Busch recalls McKale's nosebleed section

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Wilbur's back from the beach

Took the family and the week off and spent it chillin' in Oceanside, and now it's time to catch up on the Home Team:

Kovalcheck and Bell back - for the "voluntary" team workouts this summer.

Baseball team hit by draft, transfer - but Lopes is still here to coach!

Roseville connection - Batcat recruits from Nocal. Anyone else we know from Roseville?

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Larry Brown remembers San Antonio

Probably because he got pelted with avocados when he was the Denver Nuggets coach in the old ABA. According to this story:
"I had made this comment that the only thing I liked about San Antonio was the guacamole dip, and for eight days they kept playing that sound bite... "
Fans - you gotta love 'em.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Nice balk

Titans win opener on controversial balk call - well, only if you're an asu fan. The Devils did bounce back in the second game of the Super Regional against CSF.

You still suck, Sparky.

Friday, June 10, 2005

The Daily Camera: Baseball

From Boulder of all places, comes this story of another recruit, this time baseball. (It's in there, just keep reading):

"The Wildcats had eight players chosen on the first day of the draft and were a top-10 program nationally. Sedbrook had a stellar season at Dixie after being drafted by the Rockies in a draft-and-follow situation. He hit .303 for the Rebels and had seven doubles, five triples and three home runs while starting every game. "

Now batting for Arizona....

Softball recruit Samantha Bannister

Softball star sees school of choice fall in NCAAs, and Samantha is chomping at the bit to get here and help out. She's from that pretty little town of Petaluma CA, which brings back memories of buckets of clams, mussels, and an Anchor Steam by the river.

UA baseball coach won't 'jump ship'

From the Republic via the Citizen comes good news for Wildcat baseball fans. Indicators are the Coach Andy plans to continue UA's meteoric rise in college baseball and is not considering leaving for greener ($$) pastures. Texas A&M is reportedly offering a package worth $500K for their new coach, roughly 6 times what Lopes earns here. His reason?

"I have been doing this for an awful lot of years, and it is not about how much money you make," Lopez said. "It is about your lifestyle and the people you are working for, and I really like it here, my family likes it here, and I love working for Jim Livengood."

Just the right values for a coach to have and to instill in his players.
So what's it gonna take to fill up Sancet/Kindall field? I'm just as guilty as the next guy for not showing up at any home games for quite awhile. And "no beer" has nothing to do with it. For me, it's the heat.
Couple early afternoon games with no shade at all in the park and there's not a hat out there that will keep you from burning. I'm sure our students in the Architecture (hat tip to Jeff) and Design departments could come up with some ingenious, cost-effective designs to help shade the fans and players. Make it a semester project or something. Anything, just get some shade out there.

And thanks to coach and the Cats for a record-setting year. If it's any consolation, I didn't miss a game on the radio.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Character just 1 reason for Frye's draft rise, from the Arizona Republic, that radical paper to the north. Channing has worked hard to shed his "too soft" image, which will reap rewards ($$) at the next level.

Speaking of levels, looks like the Sun Devils will be dropping a few after Ike-Ike leaves for greener pastures and winning teams. Rob Evans for President! - of asu.

Men and women Batcats finish seasons

With both men's baseball and women's softball players hanging up their cleats, each have much to be proud of. The softball team made it to the WCWS, while the baseball team was a win away from a SuperRegional matchup with asu(x). Congrats sto both teams on their hard work and for representing the U so well. Go Cats!

Two Wildcat baseball players got their names called today at the MLB draft, with Trevor Crowe the number 14 pick (Cleveland) and Nick Hundley chosen 76th (San Diego). The draft continues tomorrow

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Reggie Geary hires on at UA

In what's got to be a dream come true for fans and for Mr. Geary (UA '92-'96) too, Lute today re-introduced Reggie Geary as the new assistant UA men's basketball coach. Reggie's exuberant smile, constant hustle, and deadly defense make him an excellent yardstick for once and future Cats to measure up to. What a quick transition for a guy who finished his professional career in Kiev (2003-04), got a season of coaching experience under his belt at FWHS, and received his degree from the UA. Reggie replaces Rodney Tention on the staff, and was chosen over another former Wildcat, Miles Simon. I see only good things coming out of this, especially after reading things like this:
"My family and I are excited about the opportunity and I am really looking forward to getting started, working hard and continuing the great tradition that is Arizona basketball."
You just know Sparky's got his head in a bucket of cold water, screaming his 'stache off after getting this news.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Florida remembers Andy Lopez

This from the Floriduh:

"NCAA Did Andy Lopez No Favors
Former Gator Coach Andy Lopez led Arizona to the College World Series last year, but the chances of doing it again look pretty remote. Arizona, which has ranked in the 8-to-12 range most of the season, withdrew as a potential host site deciding not to risk losing money rather than back its program. So, not only does Arizona not host, it's not even one of the 16 number-one seeds in the event. That's a pretty clear indication the NCAA was upset with the Wildcats. But it's not the only one.
First, the NCAA gives a host spot to Arizona State, which shouldn't even be a two-seed in my view. And to add insult to Arizona's injury sent Coastal Carolina there as the top seed. If you look up absurd in the dictionary, it's bound to have the Tempe bracket listed. But the NCAA was not done giving Arizona the administrative middle finger. The committee sent 'Zona to Fullerton to be the two-seed at the home of the defending national champs.
Oh, and one last thing. Arizona will play Missouri in the first day of the tournament. The Tigers are not a great team, but they have one of the nation's best pitchers in Max Scherzer. When he's on the mound, Missouri is a top ten team. Good luck Lopes! "

Lute's Recruits - 1986

Jud Buechler, Harvey Mason, Tom Tolbert - not highly touted at the time, but without a doubt a solid, colorful group. Read here.