Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Don't Call Me Iggy

Andre Iguodala was back in town for the Elite skills camp, reminding us toCall Me a Superstar. We only wish we could have seen him for 2 more years alongside Hot Sauce.

Laval rocks

More on the Wildcats' latest recruit- Powers' Lucas-Perry accepts offer to play basketball with Arizona

Pointing the Way

Point Guard U just picked up another one - guard Laval Lucas-Perry of Flint, Mich. gave a verbal commitment today to UA. And a GPA of 3.2 to boot!
Jerryd who?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

All Willie, All the Time

Wildcat football is on the map again, and the nation's press is taking notice. I pity the fool who hasn't gotten his tickets yet.

Even In July The Cats have a Must Win Game

The season-opener against BYU looms on the horizon less than two months away and many are calling it a make-or-break game. I'm not so sure about that, but I will be there, rooting the team on and checking out the trombone section with the binocs.

Recruits making the grade

According to this Pac-10 Recruiting Report, Stoops is doing a bang-up job on the recruiting trail. And it looks like the 5Star JC recruits are cutting it in class, too. If you didn't happen to catch the "In My Own Words" special on FSN last night, you missed some terrific insight into the mind and mindset of coach Stoops. Helluva show.

Tough as Nails

That's what they're calling AZ Wildcat Ivan Radenovic as he suits up for the Serbia-Montenegro team in the FIBA World Championships.

"That's my character. I put my head where many wouldn't put their leg. That is how I want to play for our national team. I'll give my heart for 'Blues', I'll do my best."

You got that right.