Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Caution: Wilbur at Work

I've been a little lax in posting here recently. New responsibilities OTJ have kept me pretty busy. And what do I come back to? Midnight Madness has come and gone, the starting QB for Stoops' troops is an old face from a few years ago, and much much more. Here goes:

Who's that QB -- luckily, Kris Heavner came back from Baylor just in time to put the pads on and learn the offense. We're going to need him. With Willie T. out with 2 count'em 2 concussions, and Adam Austin powerless with a bum knee, Heav's the man. And winning's the plan. Let's keep Tyler Lyon in a redshirt, okay? At least we knocked Stanford's QB out for the year...

What kind of bark are they chewing?
-- I read here that the Beavs are favored by 2 this weekend. Yeah, right...

Road trip -- interesting account of one man's trip to Palo Alto last weekend. Bonus - he saw the Cats win! Here's what the Cardinal fan saw.

Hint hint -- gift idea, Wilma.

Softball keeps loading up -- with another one here and here...

A last look -- at the game against Stanford.

Keeping it in the family

Lute Olson announced today that he's hired Matt Brase - his grandson - to a position on the Wildcat basketball team. Matt will help fill the slot left empty when Reggie Geary left for the NBADL. Whadaya bet that coaching runs in Matt's genes?

Monday, October 09, 2006

"Lights Out" Willie

As in 2 (confirmed) concussions so far this year. So, Willie T will probably not suit up for this weekend's game at Stanford. I'm not about to call the Cardinal an inept team, not after watching the UA these past 3 weeks. The defense has done a yeoman's job, and even with that lost 2nd quarter against UDub 2 weeks ago they're light years ahead of the offense. Willie just isn't as inspiring as last year. Maybe it's just a sophomore slump....we can only hope.